Looking for the next thrill? An adventure unlike any other—whether on land, in the water, or up in the air—waits for you in Davao City.

To start off, why not go zorbing? The Zorb Ball is just one of the main attractions of the city. With this humongous ball stationed at Crocodile Park a little less than an hour away via transport from the plaza, you’ll experience a thrilling ride as you roll around while inside the ball. A word of caution though, it is not for the fainthearted. You might get a little dizzy and a bit cramped, but that’s all part of the excitement.

If getting rolling around is not your thing, then you can just walk around the Crocodile Farm where you can feed ostriches. You can also go to the butterfly park where these tiny but beautiful creatures fly around.
Because Davao is blessed with lush trees and mountains, there is no better vantage point of appreciating its natural beauty than being up in the air. Strapped in harness against the blue clear skies, exhilaration will surely envelop you at the Zip City Hilltop in Barangay Langub. Experience the breathtaking view of mountains and hills with the zip line. The 320 meters of cable lets you zip in awe—slowly and gradually—as you gaze the majestic creation below.

When it comes to water adventure, the 143-kilometer Davao River—known to be the seventh among the largest river basins in the country, the largest of the city’s provincial watersheds, and home to white water rafting—provides just the right amount of fun and enjoyment—with a little bit of splash. In fact, the long stretch of the river comprises six levels of difficulty: easy, novice, intermediate (which gets you indeed wet), advanced, expert, and extreme. Just choose the level of difficulty and get ready for the water ride of your life.

Try the Maxima Aqua Fun and get to ride the first and the only trampoline slide in the whole world that lets you drop into the sea. An exclusive beach house, Maxima has all the amenities you need and the activities that you desire such as diving, snorkeling, swimming, jet skiing, and others.
So when it comes to adventure, Davao is the best place to be. There is no more thrilling way to appreciate nature.

Excel V. Dyquiangco

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