Tondol Beach – The Little Boracay of the North

Always on the lookout for the next best beach destination, it is quite serendipitous that we came upon Tondol Beach. We were supposed to go to Patar Beach in Bolinao, but one of our companions suggested that we go to Tondol Beach instead to avoid the crowd.

Tondol Beach is located on the eastern part of the island municipality of Anda in Pangasinan. It took around 30 minutes to get to the beach from the mainland. The roads were paved for the most part. As we neared the beach, rough roads began to appear. There were a few resorts on the beach. You can go from one to another just by walking. And the cat, I guess, is out of the bag; as there were a number of people frolicking on the beach.
What I found remarkable about this beach is the long stretch of shallow water. The ankle-deep water is perfect for toddlers—and grown-ups who have yet to learn how to swim. With its crystal clear waters, you can just wade on the beach for hours on end.

Sitting across the horizon is Tanduyong Island. It is like a Siren enticing intrepid travelers to bask in its beautiful white shore. It is said that you can easily reach the island by foot during low tide. I wasn’t sure if it was low tide or not, but I found myself hopelessly enchanted by the Siren’s song. So I started to walk toward it. I realized that a few of my companions started to walk toward it as well. A few hundred meters from the island, we decided to turn back because we were running out of daylight. Our tryst with the Siren was postponed; another time then, Siren.

For those who wish to enjoy some downtime in a far-flung beach somewhere. Tondol Beach is definitely a great choice. Tondol could possibly be the best beach in Pangasinan, and certainly, it is the Little Boracay of the North.

By Raymond F. Necio

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